February 23, 2012


Xia Lvqiu yellow winter white, spring green, placed Liu Yan load warm maple prime snow, clouds rain Wei of the Four Seasons, see mosaic fruit silence Roten dry years old, acoustic sound information vast smoke; pre-trial sparse bamboo, gravel cover Tsui, pots of food goose pecking, Hosoya Li millet, scenery, the might of passion, only between winter residue, suddenly is year round, trace Mo leisurely 家居清潔.
Qingming hikers, light breeze blow Liu, sunset dusk heavens shall not have rain. 24 solar terms, the rain earlier spring Leiyou Jingzhe the move after rolling, the so-called "wind sneaked into the night, moisturizes things in silence, night weaving rain relief, emergency proud, until the second day of Early Spring early Qing , "Xiao look at the red wet, flower weight Jinguancheng, Du Fu, in Chengdu, Sichuan Cottage softly, the overlooking of the door, lest the rain was less than enough and plenty of water, he was never Way back thin rain relentless quietly knocked petals and soaked mud. Taiwan writer to write rebellious childhood and delicate touches by San Mao the different dreams Whispering Colour is such a beautiful and desolate new words, all of a sudden open the heart of boys and girls of spring since then, some elements became popular, such as jeans, guitarist, wandering far and letters love pop music and Chinese singer, popular, more and more breeze. Right now, the year a popular word today, High School Musical, full of vigor and vitality. Republic of distance is a bit far, may not be able to be 80 90 Remember, the seventies and eighties song touches even in today to hear of, or is so Sese feelings, such as Fruit children in general. Homeland Shen rot until the spring breeze of reform blowing this popular elements, mostly coming from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Some say the culture of Hong Kong and Taiwan is a copy of the old Shanghai culture, the color of the colony, the local geographical and cultural traditions, the music in the seventies years ago is basically the Mandarin song, English song, the world of operatic songs. One reason for some of the songs into the classical style of the classical literature as well as Cantonese opera minor, such as "central water", "Goodbye Willow", "Fair", "Double Star Love Song", "pear vortex smile," Concert dream to find ". Is the integration of large amounts of spoken language, slang; three TV series, especially the martial arts drama theme song more than the popular. Text can be used as a city's unofficial notes with the times and places mark characteristics is slightly a read Solution bored.
Discovery of ancient folk customs, I aspire to riding outing, robust thick Master long bun BMW, nap nap of a bared memorable yesterday forage, neighing loudly, spit a few mouthfuls of white gas, and then stare stare Horseshoe great a rush off-road trend really make people envious. The most beautiful sense of the phrase "riding flower return horseshoe incense" Think Asakusa can not horseshoe early spring riding in the grass hidden wildflowers, natural to have some fresh. March and April, large tracts of calla lily pure Bairu Yun, rode over the horse and fall, then why not the first month on the 15th cursory lanterns, but cursory, the number of smells. The outskirts of Beijing is said to have the fence "Po Lo Vence" is only the stretch of purple, lavender, that aroma is also a surplus of people. Castles, a small woman in the fantasy world of flowers, will always be more Dreaming of.
Guo also has a lengthy title dream Whispering Know, write a love story than the deepest impression matches, Lin Lan and Wen Jing, Yao Shanshan I is very annoying, look at small jasmine, although the sinister heart there is the appearance of pure, if not look at the story one would have forgiven. A film of a few dozen minutes, Theme Song with OST also occupy a bright spot, stretching the number of episodes, TV shows, if the piece song is nice, also day set Lianbo, are something to enjoy that song to sing go to the heart. "Feathers" and "love original sin", it is the dream Whispering Colour "two tone song.
Year-old summer had the concept of charge to listen to the cicada sound. Sensual with a different tone, cicadas and cicada sound. To say that the cicada is less a sort of clear, only cicada sound, clear and no noise 脊醫. Yan Liang, a good place for summertime pavilion, clear charge. Do not have to make tea, do not have a fan, has been the gentle breeze. The very charm of this situation to be more in the night, better than Banlaoxuniang, Xiaoyue Qing wind, how is the love affair still exist can compare cash Yihe it clear posture water from. Window cicada sound big dream Fang Yi, pushing the wind comes in, summer dull completely eliminate hiding silent.
"Love to sit Maple night parking, Red Leaves, flowers in February," and this is in late autumn, bank to Resentment twists and turns in the mountains, the mountains and then there is a phone-in, all was warmth unlimited. Late autumn, the season has been colder, thin pedestrian clothes blowing up in the red maple, and then a little emaciated was worthy of a fairy appearance, but also elegant and attitude of the tour this red maple. The most expressive or write a goatee, not white have to black as ink, the dynasty in the late Tang Dynasty, but also is an official, official hat stretched out the wings, the mandarin is Palace a cat's eye green jade, and autumn gown with black, silhouetted against the red maple, picturesque mood also goes without saying that the spread from.
The winter the language Xiaoxie, suitable for twittering. The Grand Garden twenty-three wine, Chai skirt round the fire, the meat line poem the Kam cap Diaoqiu, China Yi Korea clothing, plum snow, cut the deer taste fishy large Gourmet Kitchen, This section is for The Figure snow burning stove, the bold and hair Moreover, wine and meat Rufu into the mouth of the Kam heart show that poetry then is not so indisputable life-like waste that snow.
The order of the season, Hideko turnover, spring, summer, autumn and winter, such as life, such as books Wu, flu flower splash tears, hate the other birds startling.

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1 メンズ水着 原宿

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